You have the one year diary, the five year plans, the ten year goals. You have the big dreams, the bright eyes and the beautiful boldness that it takes to reach where you want/need to be. You have the fire in your veins and constant itch to do more, to be more, to see more. You have the means and the brains to make it. So, darling, why do you feel so lost?

Sometimes, I feel like I am in a constant state of freaking out and fretting, of wondering and worrying. I mean, nothing screams ‘early twenties’ like a good old panic attack about your life choices and the fact that everything you do today will impact the rest of your life, right? Right. But I’ve also come to realize that your biggest achievements and your most profound experiences will arise out of this very panic. Some of the best things I have ever done have arisen from a place of complete disorientation and restlessness. So, breathe. Let it happen. Embrace the uncertainty. Buy that ticket. Pack your bags. Come home after three months. Sometimes, running away is the only way to return.

But promise me one thing – that you will use ‘the drift’ to reconnect with your big dreams. Can you remember what you were incredibly passionate about before you lost your way? What made you tick? Today – this state of feeling utterly confused and directionless – is the best damn time to fall in love with that dream all over again. More often that not, though, when you get down to thinking, you will realize that you have changed fundamentally. Your dreams have changed too. And hey, that is A-okay. Articulate your new dreams. Write them up in big, bold letters and stare at them everyday. Pull out that diary and strategize. Draw up your game plan. This is your resurrection.

Don’t you see? Losing your path was the best thing that could happen to you. How else would you have received one more chance to find yourself? Don’t be afraid to admit that you are lost. The person who comes out of this disorientation might knock your socks off, in the best way possible.

Losing myself,